Hi, I’m Simon, founder of Sensation Creative.

I am passionate about branding and brand design, but what makes my work so compelling is my approach: I combine leading research in psychology and neuro-science and apply it to my creative process. This provides a tangible quality to my creative work, making for intuitive, logical and extremely effective branding solutions. This also helps to eliminate much of the risk traditionally associated with brand identity design.


Photo credit: my 3 year old daugher Brooke, her second ever photograph.

I hope that you like the work featured on this website and look forward to hearing about your brand design challenges.

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Below is some background information for you to gloss over so you can get to know me a little better.

An obsession.

I eat, breath and live for design – especially brand design in all its glorious visual forms.

It’s fair to say that I’m pretty much hooked on my work. I have been designing practically all my life, since the age of around 5 years, when I would help at my late father’s company.

I enjoy helping my clients to outsmart their competition and win even in crowded and competitive markets, something I have proven time and again.


Pictured with a Claude Monet painting at Tate Modern, London. I simply love being around art.


Inspiration triggers creativity for me. I love meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, eating good food, listening to live music and visiting different countries.

I love to inspire people because I love to be inspired myself! Inspiration can happen anywhere, but you can help this by being with the right people, and in the right places.

People that have inspired me during my career to date include: former World Wide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Kevin Roberts, the late, brilliant branding expert Wally Olins, professor of psychology Dr Barbara Fredrickson and professor of neuroscience Antonio Damasio.

I have to admit that though that inspiration from people doesn’t come in a much stronger form than my two children, who constantly teach me new things about being human!


I have a very humanistic approach to my creative work, and nobody reminds me of this more than my children!


Inspirational places: These include London, which for me is the creative capital of the world due to its stunning architecture, art galleries, and rich cultural tapestry.

The Lake District, which offers natural beauty, escape and tranquillity, the type of environment I can relax in.

Finally, the Greek Islands, the warm Mediterranean air, plinky-plonk music, and sand between my toes is irresistible.

All of these people and environments plus many more, provide me with the inspiration to do what I love best – design visual brand identities.

The work

Over the years I have been lucky enough to work on some stunning projects.

Some of these include; Formula 1 racing teams at the beginning of my career, I have designed for the NHS, BMW Motorrad, countless Bauer Media and Time Warner magazine titles, including Motor Cycle News, Max Power, Angling Times, Classic Cars, Performance Bike, Shooting Times, FHM and so on which have appeared at places such as the Chelsea Flower Show, Alexandra Palace and the NEC.

I have also provided website user experience evaluation for Saatchi & Saatchi’s Lovemarks brand a few years back which was thrilled to be asked to do!


Just 45 minutes away, I’m close enough to feel inspired by London (and take cool pictures like these), but far enough away to step out and reflect.


All the work featured on this website has been designed by myself; every logo (apart from 3 out of nearly 30 featured), advert, website and so on, right down to the video on the home page.

In fact, I also originated some of the brand names you see here, and provided guidance for others. I also do some photography work too when I have the time, but this is mostly for personal things, unless I can be persuaded otherwise, which has been known!


My approach

Of course, I don’t always do everything to bring all this work together; a lot of it depends on the size of the project I’m tasked with.

When larger projects come my way, I play the lead role, but employ some of the most talented people around to help out. This is mostly for website coding, additional copy writing, filming and photography.

I have built up my network over nearly a decade and trust my people as much as myself to get their parts in any project right!


Getting invited out with clients is always nice, especially when they are winning awards with the help of my work.


I have an ‘always human first’ approach to my work. For this reason, maybe it’s not surprising that my other interests include psychology and neuro-science.

I do not profess to be an expert, however, my interest and research in these areas helps enormously with my branding work, especially when it comes to understanding how and why we interact with images and experience the world in the way we do.


Pictured with a painting by Mark Rothko at Tate Modern. Simplicity can be incredibly thought provoking as it leaves space for clarity and presence.



My design knowledge, understanding of people and ideas makes my work very successful, even when I’m working in industries for the first time. This is exactly what is required to succeed in today’s crowded and competitive markets. Here are a few firsts:

  • First branding project for tech retail outlet turns over more than one million in its first year and consistently outperforms sales from competing national brands in the same city with a fraction of the budget.
  • First branding project in the beauty industry wins multiple small business awards, including best new business.
  • First branding project in the estate agent industry wins multiple small business awards in the first year.
  • First branding project in the well-being industry wins ‘Overall Small Business of the Year’ within a year of launch.
  • First branding (brand development) for food industry helps to double company turnover despite a global recession in the first year and go on to enjoy a record turnover the following year.

I pride myself of being able to take on just about any project and make a success of it, often where others have found their limitations.


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Inspirational words on design, taken at the Design Museum in London.


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