The Future: Next-Gen Creativity

The rules of branded engagement have changed. Now is the time to revisit your communications strategy if you want to engage with a new generation of savvy consumers and avoid losing out.

Today, consumers are faced with an overload of information and a savvy new generation are sifting past repetitive, unconsidered branded communications without a second thought.

However, this doesn’t mean that people aren’t willing to engage – far from it. It simply means that people are choosing to engage only with high quality, thought provoking content.

Due to this, a new generation of creativity is needed; one that offers a higher level of thought that specifically addresses the requirements of consumers in a world that is hitting digital maturity. This is where Next-Gen Creativity comes into play.


What is Next-Gen Creativity?

Our next-gen creativity is a process that looks to understand how people engage with branded communications from a neuro-scientific and psychological perspective. This means that consideration is applied to how our brain functions, how we rationalise the different stimuli that we encounter, and how this effects our behaviour. This is combined with logical reasoning and problem sensitivity so that we are able to create captivating communication for brands that live long in the memory.


Why do we need this?

In today’s world, consumers face an overload of information and choice. In terms of branded communication for SMEs, this often arrives lacking depth, creativity and meaning. The result of this can often mean that it has much less value attached to it. When perception of value decreases, consumers naturally become less interested and are quick to sift through and filter out anything that doesn’t resonate with them.

Due to this overload of information that fails to engage, dwell time and respect is reduced as consumers seek value from their interactions.

Of course, people are more than willing to talk about the value that their businesses provide, but most aren’t sure how to communicate this effectively anymore, and are instead opting to employ price based strategies. This is largely due to the confusion surrounding how to deal with this situation.


What you can do

The world is now experiencing digital maturity for the first time. If you have a great product or service and don’t want to find yourself in a position where you get stuck, or are stuck in a price point based strategy, or need to better establish your business and create more leads, the best way forward is up your communications game. Our next-gen creative thinking takes care of this for you.

Judging by a report in World Economic Forum, it won’t be long before all savvy small businesses will be urgently wanting this type of considered thinking applied to their branded communications.


How does it work?

Our next-gen creative solutions focus on developing visual communication engagement from a neuro-scientific and psychological perspective. This means that we engage again with our always human first approach and look at the way stimuli is experienced as a human.

In our area of work as brand identity designers, it means that we focus on the emotional rationalisation of consumer experiences. This is so that we can understand the type of visual design required to inspire engagement and retain connectivity.

From a neuroscience perspective, our creative approach takes into consideration how the brain functions, such as how we interact and process imagery, how we function in pilot and auto-pilot and how best to engage with the brain whilst in these states.

From a psychological perspective, we look at the impact that your brand communications have in terms of suitability and value. Attention is given to how we rationalise the experiences we have to the different stimuli presented to us, and how we process it.

These discoveries are then applied to our creative, design and development processes to suit all requirements; from individual needs to tribal mentality.

This type of thinking helps you to engage with consumers on a much deeper, more thought-provoking level at a speed they are comfortable with. If you would like consumers to have a better perception of the value that you are able to offer them, our next-gen creative is the answer you have been looking for.


Where can I get it?

Sensation Creative offers next-gen creativity for small businesses that like us, care deeply about their craft. Every project we take on, large or small, receives the same care and attention to detail ensuring that you are in the best possible hands.

Whether your requirement is for an individual element, such as a logo design or website design, or a full brand development, contact us and discover how we can help. Our knowledge in crafting brand identities to suit the needs of developing businesses means that we are ideally positioned to offer you the best possible creative solutions on and offline.



Written by: Simon Bell
Director, Sensation Creative Limited

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