Our story

We’re a independent branding agency that has been specifically set-up to provide small businesses with next-gen creative services.

Why are we called Sensation Creative?

As human beings, we’re emotionally orientated, and learn from experiences. Our experiences are based on rationalising the emotional reaction we have to the stimuli that we encounter through our five senses, especially sight. Learn more >

We work with small businesses and individuals

We create very high quality work for people that want the best possible chance of winning in today’s over crowded and competitive market. And it works! Our branding has helped to create award-winning businesses from scratch, such as Soul Happy and Regal Park.

We’re brand design experts

We love brand related problem solving. We like nothing better than to work with clients that want to break out of the mould, challenge the norm and celebrate their individuality. Some of the services we provide: logo design, design for printed communications such as small brochures, annual reviews, leaflets, advertisements and design for digital media, such as websites, video production and social media.


Imagining what we could do for you?

Be it a logo, website, business literature or any other branding requirement, you can trust Sensation Creative to provide the perfect mix of creativity, expertise and value.

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