Beautica Group UK


Beautica are part of a group of companies based in Stamford UK. They provide a range of beauty treatments, permanent cosmetic treatments and training throughout the UK.

The challenge

Produce an updated brand identity which supports the multiple business architecture of Beautica Group UK and the environments it must communicate from, on and off-line.

Our solution

After analysing the requirements of Beautica Group, we set out to create a universal crown symbol that would work with all three businesses: Beautica, Brow Architects and Permanent Makeup Stamford. We created the logo type from a clean sans-serif font to communicate each business type. This provides the familiarity that Beautica Group required for of their brand communication strategy which is to build on a ‘reputation for perfection’ in each area of business.

“After a brief chat I quickly realised that I needed a professional to help me understand the direction of my business and sort my inconsistent branding out. I was blown away with the level of expertise, in depth analysis of my business needs and strategies I am about to employ. Strongly recommend to those who want to take business a step further. ”

Aga Sobierajska,
Beautica Group UK

A responsive nature

The logos for Beautica Group have been designed to be responsive. This means that they can be scaled to suit all environments, using elements that help to capture and communicate the brand identity. This works everywhere; from social media and website requirements to printed business literature, uniforms, signage and every other type of application.

Multiple colour variations

We have created multiple colour variations for use in different environments which helps to support the communication requirements of the brand in every situation. The colours; grey, white and mustard have been modified from the colours used in the original Beautica logo. This helps retain the connection with the previous branding and builds on brand recognition which has been earned over the years.

Our photography

We also provided photography for the project. Our work gets right to the heart of the things, and provides a wonderful, rich connective feeling which is ideal for the brand.

Services provided for this project:

Brand strategy and positioning
Responsive logo design
Brand guidelines

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