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Brand engagement

Emotional, rational or a combination of both – consumers interact with your brand in different ways. We’ll identify your brand’s current market engagement, then we’ll establish ways to create and develop both existing and new brand relationships.

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Cognitive stimulation


Design & Development

We create and develop strong brand identities. Whether you need basic elements such as logo design, colour pallet and typeface, or extensive work for full branding programmes – including ideas and creative for advertising, we can help.

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Logo design examples

Positioning & Strategy

We help to position your organisation in the hearts and minds of your consumers, with the aim of creating conscious ownership of its elements. Our work includes evaluating the look and feel of your brand, what it does and how it communicates this.

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How we interact with images

How we do it

Brand communication

Our work is renowned for its expressive, humanistic communication style. This is carefully crafted using a combination of insight and creativity, applied at each stage to create branding and brand experiences that people remember.

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Our creative style


We believe that intelligence quotient and emotional quotient are equally important – that both knowledge and emotion play fundamental roles in effective branding. We combine this with behavioural science, creating and developing ideas that are both captivating and truthful.

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The rise of EQ


We like to work using an omni-channel strategy. This enables us to create seamless brand experiences, ensuring your brand communication is rich in strength and purpose, so it flourishes across different the media platforms while delivering a consistent message to your target market.

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Next-Gen Creativity


Brand engagement
Identity design and development
Positioning and strategy


Some of our work includes:

Advertisement design
Communication materials
Logo design
Social media
Vehicle livery

You + Sensation.

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