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Infusing brand communications with emotion is nothing new, but if you are unaware of this or do not have a basic understanding you need not worry. Our next-gen creative thinking helps to ensure that you are aware of this when trying to interact with your target market.

We all know that being able to capture attention and deliver information is key if we are to stand out and be heard, especially in crowded and competitive markets, which these days is most of them. Integrated in the correct way, branding infused with emotion will be a highly effective part of your overall communication strategy. Why? Because we are programmed from birth to quantify the emotional reactions that different stimuli present us with. It is part of our blue print.

Utilising emotion as part of a communication strategy enables us to position information so that it is consumed in the desired way. Considered use of content that triggers an emotional response helps to add speed and clarity to the delivery to our branded messages. This is because there is a reduction in the cognitive effort required as we are able to bring our autopilot state of mind in to play.

In terms of branding, EQ is becoming ever more important, especially with next-gen creative. As we seek to understand our clients, the needs of their consumers and provide considered communication solutions, we can only see this EQ becoming more relevant in the future than it already is today.

Here a just a few benefits of infusing emotion into your branded communications:

  • A range of emotions can be displayed through images from laughter to sorrow.
  • Images that have a perfectly imperfect quality to them, resonate with us because we can relate to them.
  • The use of different fonts has emotional qualities attached to them that can help with direction.
  • Symbols, which nearly always transcend language, can have emotion attached to them, Apple’s logo for example.

If you want proof that we love to be in touch with our emotions during communications, look at the rise in the use of emojis in digital environments.


Written by: Simon Bell

Director, Sensation Creative Limited

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