Discover a deeper level: How we interact with images

Understanding how we engage with images fascinates us. Here we share some details of how this sensual experience functions, how it impacts on our work and why this is important for your organisation’s branding.

When we are looking at something, we assume that we are analysing it based on the visual information that is entering the brain through the eyes, but this is not strictly true. In fact, the visual stimuli we experience does not go directly to the optical cortex which is the primary area of our brain responsible for processing information. Instead, the information first goes to the lateral geniculate nucleus of the thalamus, which is another area of the brain that is part of the limbic system and important to emotional arousal.

In short, this means that you can experience an emotional reaction to something before you are consciously aware that you have even seen it. In terms of brand engagement, this is the first of a two-part process.

If you been successful at the first part, and stimulated emotions in a positive way, we have the chance for the second, decisive step to take place: conscious image ownership. When it comes to branding; logos, advertising and so on, this is the step all businesses want to ensure happens.

To quote neuroscientist Antonio Damasio:

“The decisive step in making of consciousness is not the making of images and creating the basics of a mind. The decisive step is making the images ours, making them belong to their rightful owners, the singular, perfectly bounded organisms in which they emerge.”

For business, this is compelling evidence that it should always invest in the best possible design; it is critical to disrupting thinking, stimulating engagement and ownership of brand imagery – especially in crowded and competitive markets.

We specialise in establishing and maintaining conscious brand image ownership. It is the reason why our work is so effective.


Written by: Simon Bell

Director, Sensation Creative Limited

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