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The team at Sensation Creative delves deeper in to the conscious mind than we ever have before. Our understanding of cognitive processing means that our work cuts through the overload of information facing consumers in busy environments. This enables us to deliver meaningful creative content that is quickly absorbed, and crucially, much more likely to become consciously owned and acted on.

We have long held an ‘always human first’ philosophy to our work. Today this is more vital than ever as we work hard to deliver the highest level of creative to our clients. Our work, which is driven by emotional intelligence and cognitive flexibility, is supported by logical reasoning and problem sensitivity to ensure that our creative solutions are as mindful as they are beautiful.

Our next-gen creative process ensures that consideration is applied to:

  • Psychology; from an individual narrative to tribal mid-set
  • Conscious processing of visual stimuli
  • Multiple environments and touch points on and offline
  • Setting of specific parameters, allowing for clear creative direction
  • Creating exceptional value for clients

Understanding how to target specific cognitive processes helps us to better define our work and how it is likely to interact with audiences. This means that much of the risk commonly associated with creativity, especially when linked to ‘calls to action’ and ‘conscious ownership of imagery’, can be resolved at a much earlier point in the process. Additionally, our clients benefit from faster project turn-around times, a better ROI and knowledge of advanced creative processes.

It is our belief that the more we understand about what it is to be human in today’s world, the better our creative solutions will become. This is where we believe the next generation of creativity resides. All this comes as standard when you choose to work with Sensation Creative.


Written by: Simon Bell

Director, Sensation Creative Limited

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