Thoughts on effective brand identity design

Ill-considered design is ineffective, overlooked and ultimately a waste of money. Good design captures us, we interact with it without even thinking – it does us a great service. Brilliant design stops us in our tracks and makes us dream.

Connecting with people

Today with the internet of things and saturated markets, knowing how to connect and entice people with your brand is more important than ever.

At Sensation Creative we have extensive branding knowledge just waiting for you to tap into. We can help with everything you need, from design through to production.

Read on to discover how we work…

We excite with digital and physical world integration

We provide all types businesses with an affordable, modern and integrated approach to their branding requirements.

Often referred to as omni-channel, this approach works by providing consistent brand style across digital environments such as mobile, tablet and desktop, and physical environments including offices, printed literature, vehicle graphics, signage and so on, creating trust.

Direct communication

If you decide to work with us, you’ll benefit from direct communication with the creative person(s) dealing with your project at all times. This helps to ensure that your requirements are never diluted or misinterpreted. This way of working speeds up our work and in doing so, saves you money.


Expert guidance

We have rich design expertise, so wherever you are in your journey, it’s always a helpful to talk with us.

Our work is perfect if: you would like a solid foundation creating for your business’s brand, help in modernising an existing identity, or guidance with individual items as required, such as logo and website design, printed media and so on.

Becoming an influential business

Our work has helped businesses to literally walk into crowded markets and win; this is proven. One of the reasons for this is our skill at combining data with leading research in psychology and neuro-science and fusing it with an outstanding level of creativity.

Not only does this provide a tangible quality to our design work, it reduces uncertainty commonly attached to new ideas and ways forward for added peace of mind. Perfect for business owners that seek value without the risk attached to it.

How can we help you?

If you are looking for a high level of graphic design work and great value, we invite you to get in touch. Share our knowledge and discover how our proven work can help your business to shine.

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