Casarva is a bike-to-trike conversion specialist that supplies kits worldwide, and also provides custom build services to clients in the UK.

Project consultant and designer: Simon Bell

The challenge

As a start up, Casarva needed help with branding and brand positioning.

Our solution

In addition to brand identity design, we also created edgy marketing campaigns that helped to capture a widening market by conveying quality while still retaining the edginess that is central to the brand. Often our work went against the grain, producing the opposite of what could be termed as traditional lifestyle ads, using fire demons and even the Grim Reaper in an advert entitled ‘The Next Life’.

“Sensation Creative have produced some brilliant work for us over the years. The level of creativity they have provided has been off the chart, ensuring that our brand and ads have instant impact and recognition.”

Matthew Wright,
Managing Director, Casarva

Services provided for this project:

  • Brand engagement
  • Identity design and development
  • Positioning and strategy
  • Adverts for national magazines

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