Polished London

Project consultant and designer: Simon Bell


Polished London provide a range of vegan friendly, cruelty free, teeth whitening products throughout the UK and Ireland.

Here’s a creative-based walk-through of the project.

The challenge

After creating the logo design, original whitening strip packaging and marketing materials, Polished got back in touch with a new requirement: to create package design for their entire product range, plus a retail brochure along with images required for their social media channels, eCommerce website and more.

Our solution

In total Sensation Creative were commissioned to design the packaging for five different branded products. These included: whitening strips, two types of mouthwash, whitening powder and an LED/gel based whitening kit.

Creative insight: I discussed market trends and products in depth, working with the client to help formulate a design and positioning strategy that would help the company achieve its objectives.

During the research phase I got to grips with the industry. Part of this includes understanding the consumer and what makes them tick, which obviously isn’t only limited to teeth whitening products. A more holistic approach is taken into consideration such as consumer values and lifestyle.

This emotional understanding helps to provide direction for the design work so package design that the consumer can associate with their overall self-brand image can be created. When this type of consideration is applied to design and is given the correct support, a consumer-brand relationship has the best chance of developing.

I started work; drafting ideas together to create a universal feel to the package design that would be unique and instantly recognisable across the range as Polished London.

After completing the initial design phase, artwork is sent to the packaging manufacturer for prototypes to be produced. This is always and exciting part of any project as the work comes to life. Everything leading up to this point is evident in video footage and samples sent over and a real buzz develops around the project.

After this stage tweaks are made, and full production runs are given the go ahead. When the products arrive, they look amazing and I’m tasked with arranging the product photo shoot, including sourcing the photographer and directing the shoot to ensure everything runs smoothly. The client is also on location for evaluation and feedback as we work.

In this particular case, the shoot is quite tricky, as we are faced with shooting predominantly white packaging photographed on a white background which on its own isn’t that hard, however, our products also use mirror effect letting on some of the external packaging to make the products pop. There is also a white pearlescent finish on the whitening strip sachets. This means that we are having to balance light perfectly in order to work with the refractive indexes created by a combination of materials and colours used and studio lighting.

Like most photo shoots, the raw images are then corrected to make them perfect. After this work is done additional styling work can be carried out to create dramatic, attention grabbing images. Dynamic images that really pop are especially important for capturing people in digital environments where they are scrolling through images extremely quickly.

From here work commenced on the brochure design with both digital and printed versions produced along with the creation and supply of images for social media and the website.


“We have worked with Simon for many years now, and it’s always a pleasure. Meeting with Simon will leave you feeling inspired, excited and believing in yourself because of his love and passion for his work.

5 years later and we’re still working with Simon on various projects. Recently, branding for our teeth whitening products has led us to being featured in national and international press, celebrities have used and love our products and we are now stocked in many salons, pharmacies and boutiques across the UK and Ireland. This is not only down to our hard work but the correct branding – which we have.”

Debbie Sleeman, Founder, Polished London

Services provided for this project:

  • Research
  • Positioning and strategy
  • Product name origination
  • Package design and development
  • Product photography
  • Retouching and styling
  • Point of sale posters
  • Brochure design
  • Website and social media image creation

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